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Light, Camera, Classroom Action! 
The Innoviations in Education Project at Stony Brook University


Photo by Nancy McCoy-Wozniak


TLT’s (Teaching Learning and Technology) Innovations in Education project combines an Internet television show featuring faculty who are using student-center approaches and technology in the classroom with a faculty profiles webpage and database. The project provides faculty and staff the opportunity to share teaching and learning strategies with their colleagues and see how others are using technology to enhance student learning. Faculty exchange tips on successful classroom activities along with effective uses of technologies that engage student to learn.  It also helps the staff to identify support needs and promote TLT support services.   Current and emerging educational technologies balanced with best teaching practices are showcased through the show and profiles.  This unique faculty development project provides Stony Brook faculty and staff an easy and creative look at the student-centered teaching methods and technologies that are working for their colleagues’ classrooms across campus.


Dr. Graham Glynn, TLT Executive Director/Assistant Provost, is the show’s executive director and host.  Glynn interviews faculty on specific teaching and/or technology strategies used in their classrooms. TLT staff, responsible for specific pedagogical and technical support, joins the faculty and are interviewed by Glynn, as well.   Nancy Wozniak, Learning Architect, is the producer.  With the TV show, Wozniak and the production staff pre-interview the faculty and go into the classrooms to document with video the innovative ways faculty are engaging their students to learn.  The pre-interviews and television interviews are used to compile a faculty profiles database and a profiles website, which features successful teaching examples and uses for technology in the classroom.  The Innovations in Education television shows and professional profiles can be found on the TLT website, Facebook,  WordPress, and YouTube.


Visit the Innovations in Education Website 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.