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Philosophy of a Community College
The Role of the Community College and Its Team of Educators
Nancy Wozniak


John Dewey, educational philosopher, psychologist, and reformer, stated in his Pedagogic Creed, "that much of present education fails because it neglects this fundamental principle of the school as a form of community life."  He believed that community life provides stimulus and social experience necessary in education and that current education focused on content and concept, void of actual social experience. Dewey defines the role of the teacher as not to impose certain ideas, but is there as a member of the community to provide learning experiences and opportunities that will provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to become a successful, contributing members of society.  Education is social and the driving force for the success and well-being of a community.  Dewey's philosophy is the foundation of the Community College.


I believe the number one focus for ALL educators must be in guiding our students to become successful contributing members and leaders in the current and future workforce.  We must teach beyond the discipline and provide authentic, integrative learning experiences that instill individual self-determined learning behaviors (autonomy, efficacy, and relatedness) and a quest for lifelong inquiry and discovery.  The Community College has the recognition and resources to provide these diverse opportunities for experiences and learning relationships in and outside physical and virtual learning spaces for ALL students.  Its team of college educators and industry professionals must collaborate and support the needs of the holistic student and the needs of the region.  It truly does take a village.  This is my teaching philosophy that coincides with my philosophy of the role of a Community College.


Blind to differences in age, gender, race, religion, and culture, the Community College is the hub for lifelong learning and career opportunities for the region.  To some, the Community College serves as a  bridge between high school and a four year college. To others, it provides a second chances, a new starts, and career opportunities.  The Community College is the regional cultural center for the arts and the preservation of the past.  With an eye on the future, the Community College plays a crucial role in regional economic and workforce development and forms partnerships with local business, industry, and health care professionals to assure a vibrant, growing economy.


Education is life.  Educators open the doors to life and instill the joys and wonders of learning to ALL over a lifetime of discovery.  The Community College is the launching pad for diverse learning experiences and new opportunities.


Dewey, John, My Pedagogic Creed, The School Journal, Volume LIV, Number 3 (January 16, 1897), pages 77-80.

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