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We will analyze Sony with with SWOT analysis which stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats, but just to identify the Strengths and Weaknesses for now. 



  • Sony is built a brand. This is true because it is surveyed as Asia's most valued brand.
  • The company is very execellent with their technology that they have created. Creating the Trinitron Color television, VCR, and Walkman, the company also helped to develop the magnetic recording tape, the compact disc, and the Blu-Ray disc, used today as a medium for high-definition video playback. Its latest innovation, a Crystal Led TV, was well received at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
  • Sony's success with the Playstation is most noteworthy. it has been successful since inception, and still sees tremendous consumer demand. Sony are always innovating their Playstation products
  • Sony is also very strong in the entertainment industry with Sony Music and Sony Pictures. It has been beneficial to the company by offsetting losses in its consumer-products division.  


  • The cost of media production is very high, especially in its television business, which has affected the company's pricing strategy. Their television business has lost an equivalent of $6.3 billion for eight years in a row. They are also losing market share to manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung.
  • Sony works on many of their business segments, the consumer electronics giant has shifted its focus from its core competency, making great consumer electronic products. This has resulted in a distortion in Sony's brand. Apple, which is also in the consumer electronics space, has managed to focus on just a few products, build competency, and make them incredibly successful.
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