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Digital Story








Picture 1: Me

Hi My Name is Raymond Xue, I am majoring in Computer Science. I am majoring in Computer Science because I enjoy playing video games.

Picture 2: Toy Computer

Ever since I was three years old, my mom bought me a toy computer. It taught me the alphabet in a fun interactive way.  I would rather learn from a computer than reading books about it.

Picture 3: Game Boy Color

As time went on, I eventually got bored of the toy computer so, I saw this ad on my TV which showed a new hand held console called Game Boy Color. My mom and my dad went to the store and bought me one. When I got home, I would just play on that console for a few good hours.

Picture 4: Dell Computer

When I was eight years old, my dad bought me my first computer. I was so excited because that meant I was able to play CD rom games at that time. My parents bought a lot of games for me so I would not get bored.

Picture 5: Queens Vocational

So when I entered my high school years I took a class in programming. This class taught me the basics of programming. But it did not teach me how to create a video game. I was so fascinated on how a game was coded.

Picture 7:  Java Code

So I did some research and figure out it was because of programming. At first, I did not understand all this gibberish. So I asked my dad what is this? He told me this is what’s needed to make a video game.


Picture 6:  League of Legends

During my high school years, I played this game called League of Legends. It was one of the first games I downloaded on my computer.  I played so much of this game. This game has gotten so popular that it is the number one game in the computer market. Because of this I then wondered to myself how did someone create such a good game like this?

Picture 8: Stony Brook

So I took my SATs and decided to attend Stony Brook. I found they had a really good computer science program. This got me even more interested in computer science. Because of this I am majoring in computer science.

Picture 9: Creating a game

 I hope one day when I fully master computer science. I am able to create my own video game that other people will play too.


  1.  How would you describe this project, event, or assignment to your friends?  Would you recommend it? I would describe this assigment very informational. It tells you why i am majoring in computer science.
  2. What did you learn (skills and knowledge) from the project, event, or assignment? I learned how to create my first digital story and to express my thoughts on computer rather than on paper.
  3. How are you able to apply what you discovered and learned to other areas of your life? I can create other tpye of digital stories for any presentation i want.
  4. What was your favorite aspect of this project, event, or assignment? My favorite aspect of this project is talking about why i enjoy computer science and using various pictures to show that.
  5. What risks did you take with this project, event, or assignment? None.
  6.  What problems did you encounter? None.
  7.  If you could do it over again, would you and what would you do or change? I would do this over again, for other type of presentations.
  8. What would you like to learn further about this subject, discipline, or professional field? I would like to learn how to import pictures into a created digital story.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.