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Job Title: Advanced Senior Lecturer in the College of Arts and Sciences; Undergraduate Program Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric; Assessment Co-Coordinator, Program in Writing and Rhetoric; Co-Principal Investigator, Writing Research Lab


Phone: (631) 632-7398


E-mail: Robert.Kaplan@stonybrook.edu


Office Location: Humanities 2042


Office Hours (Fall 2018): Monday, 12-1; Wednesday, 7-8; and by appointment


Education: Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center, 2009; MFA, University of Arizona, 1992; BA, Hamilton College, 1976


Courses Taught: WRT/EGL 381, Advanced Analytic and Argumentative Writing; WRT 380, Advanced Research Writing; WRT 305, Writing for the Health Professions; WRT 102, Intermediate Writing Workshop; WRT 101, Introductory Writing Workshop


Professional Interests: Writing in the Disciplines; writing transfer; Euro-American intellectual history, especially eighteenth-century rhetoric; early American literature; queer theory/gender studies


Current Research: 

  • Founding Co-Principal Investigator, Writing Connectivity Research Lab, Stony Brook University, 2017-present
  • Khost, Peter and Robert Kaplan, co-PIs; Marianne Catalano, cooperating faculty. "Using Student Success to Increase Student Success: Improving the Writing Skills of Non-Native English Speakers."
  • Kaplan, Robert and Peter Khost, co-PIs; Peter Gergen and Anne Moyer, cooperating faculty. "Study of Writing Transfer in Stony Brook University’s College of Arts and Sciences."
  • Khost, Peter, PI, and Robert Kaplan, Associate Investigator, “Online Initiative to Foster and Research Writing-Skills Transfer Across the Curriculum and Beyond Graduation.”


  • New York State English Council Mini-Grant Award, 2017-18.
  • Presidential Mini-Grants for Departmental Diversity Initiative, Stony Brook University, Spring 2016.
  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (FAHSS) Interdisciplinary Award, Fall 2014.


  • Neduzhko, Oleksandr, Oleksandr Postnov, Ihor Perehinets, Jack A. DeHovitz, Michael Joseph, David Odegaard, Robert Kaplan, and Tetiana Kiriazova. "Factors Associated with Delayed Enrollment in HIV Medical Care among HIV-Positive Individuals in Odessa Region, Ukraine. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care. (forthcoming)
  • Letteney, Susan, Beatrice J. Krauss, and Robert Kaplan. "Examining HIV Positive Parents' Disclosure to Their Children: A Biopsychosocial Approach." Social Work in Public Health 27.4 (2012): 345-360. Print.
  • Krauss, Beatrice J., Christopher Godfrey, Joanne O'Day, Elizabeth Freidin, and Robert Kaplan. "Learning to Live with an Epidemic: Reducing Stigma and Increasing Safe and Sensitive Socializing with Persons with HIV." Teenagers, HIV, and AIDS: Insights from Youth Living with the Virus. Ed. Maureen E. Lyon and Lawrence J. D'Angelo. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2006. 83-103. Print.
  • Krauss, Beatrice J., et al. [Robert Kaplan]. "Who Wins in the Status Games? Violence, Sexual Violence and an Emerging Single Standard among Adolescent Women." Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1087 (2006): 56-73. Print.


  • “Report on a Study of Writing Transfer, and How and Why We Created the Writing Connectivity Research Lab.” Annual Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2018
  • “Report on a Study of Transfer in a New Writing Minor Program.” Annual Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX (7 April 2016).

  • “From Project to Presentation.” Kyiv, Ukraine. Co-facilitated workshop for early career researchers on drafting and revising articles for publication as part of NIH D43TW000233, “New York State International Training & Research Program,” funded by the Fogarty International Center, Dr. Jack A. DeHovitz, PI (25-26 October 2013; 25-26 April 2013).
  • “Teaching Writing Roundtable.” Stony Brook University Department of English 26th Annual English Graduate Conference. Stony Brook Manhattan, New York, NY (1 March 2014).

  • “Teaching Evidence-Based Healthcare through Writing.” Stony Brook University School of Nursing Converging Science Summit. Stony Brook, NY (15 April 2013).
  • "Sustaining the Writing Habit: Undergraduate Science Students Discuss Writing Transfer from an Unscientific First-Year Writing Course." SUNY Council on Writing. New York, NY (30-31 March 2012).
  • "'When Bodys come to touch each other": Gravitational Benevolence, the Physiology of the Heart, and Social Formation in Francis Hutcheson's Moral Philosophy." Society of Early Americanists. Philadelphia, PA (3-5 March 2011).
  • "Moral Perceptions and the Formation of British American Citizens in Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography." Northeast Modern Language Association. Montreal, Quebec, Canada (10 April 2010).
  • "Rethinking the Affections: Materiality, Occult Qualities and the Bonds of Society." East Central/American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. Bethelem, PA (9 October 2009).
  • "'When Bodys come to touch each other': Francis Hutcheson's Gravitational Benevolence and Early American National Formation." Conference celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the American Studies Certificate Program. The Graduate Center, New York, NY (18 April 2008).
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.