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Hello.  I am Robert Presser, a recent Master of Business Administration graduate student from Stony Brook University.  In addition to my Marketing degree, I received a Bachelor of Arts in Music there in 2017. I have an interest in working for an arts or entertainment organization.


My hobbies include origami, watching baseball, playing chess, and all things related to music.  I loved getting involved at Stony Brook University.  I made it my prerogative to take advantage of every opportunity I could.  Through joining copious clubs on campus, I learned that I love meeting new people and taking calculated risks.


I absolutely love helping people.  Among my peers, I am known for assisting others socially, emotionally, and academically.  I also enjoy volunteering.  My mentality can be summarized by the following quotation:  "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”  - Jackie Robinson


My best skill is organization.  In addition to keeping a precise digital calendar, I carry an organizer with me everywhere I go.  I write down my assignments, personal conferences, obligations, and events I plan to attend.  Having all my responsibilities laid out concisely and chronologically enables me to stay relaxed and focused, knowing that I will accomplish my goals.  I eliminate much of the stress that comes with time management.


Without further ado, welcome to my ePortfolio!

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These are some of my many origami creations with which I have decorated my residence hall.

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