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  1. Doing volunteer work in developing countries.
  2. Getting an internship with an abroad marketing department.


  1. Work for what I really enjoy and love.


Firstly, I will employ my situation. Now I am studying in other country, so have more chances to get various experiences. I have more chances to communicate with people from other countries, so these chances may help me to broad my perspectives toward the world. To be honest, I was not be able to fully enjoy my school life so far because it was my first time to manage myself without family, and I had to take so many credits for graduation in two years. However, I feel that I need to enjoy and find more productive activities rather than just studying alone in a room. I know that there are many kinds of activities and events for students on campus. I will try to join these programs actively. I also find a campus job for more experiences. It may help me to feel other country’s working condition and atmosphere. Those things are what I plan during college.



My personal values: Creativity/Respect/Enjoyment/Flexibility/Hope


There is a strong relationship between my career goals and my values. I know that my strong field is marketing, especially selling products/services to other countries. This is exactly what I want for the future and what I can fully enjoy. To work with people from other countries, I should know how to respect people who have diverse backgrounds. In addition, I should be creative to meet tons of needs. I need to care not only my country’s needs but all other countries’ needs. Thus, creativity is a key factor for me to provide differentiated products and services. I may work with diverse people at work. Designing appealing plans would require many people’s diverse ideas rather than one person’s idea. I may need to know how to compromise to seek the best appealing plans. As a result, I will try to listen to others very carefully and mix my opinions and others’ opinions properly by flexibility. Overall, it is safe to say that my future goal is almost entirely match with my values. I need to thoroughly follow my values to achieve what I want. My values will show me what I have to do and where I should go.



  1. Passion
  2. Challenging sprit
  3. Listening

  1. Communication
  2. Modeling the way
  3. Compromise

  1. Join more diverse activities which I did not experience.
  2. Try to more talk to others in a group.
  3. Do not afraid to speak my opinions/do not ignore other’s opinions.


At this point, what I really want to do is enjoying my school life successfully. I want to have more productive and meaningful school life. As a junior, I have only one more year to graduate. I am going to get a job after graduation. Thus, I want fully enjoy my last school life before I graduate. However, enjoying school life does not refer to “enjoyment” literally. Regarding school club, for example, I have never joined these kinds of clubs during my college life. It is one of the regrets. Although I will busy in my last semester, I will try to join some club activities or do volunteer work. These activities also may look good on my resume in the future. High GPA is not enough to prove that I am ready to work. I need more diverse experiences especially in the marketing area. As a result, I will try to find more activities to enjoy and have my last productive and meaningful school life.



Actually, I did not realize that I did not have enough compromise skills before I took a marketing research class. In the class, I had to work in a team, and each group had to make a completed research paper and have a research presentation. I got four group members, and we got many assignments which required teamwork. Firstly, we decided to work separately because we did not have enough time to meet outside the class. And I supposed to collect all the works from group members and make a completed paper. However, right one day before the deadline when I got these results from members I was really disappointed and surprised due to those results. Almost everything was different with what I expected. I strongly believed that what I thought was totally right. Thus, I corrected those results in my own way without any discussions. Later, my group members were surprised with the fact that I corrected what they did, and required enough explanations from me. I fully explained, and my group members understood me. However, I felt so sorry for them because I definitely needed to talk to them before I submitted the paper. It had to be “our” work, not “my” work. Thus, I recognized my fault, and set leadership plan. I will learn more about compromise and teamwork which are essential for my future career goals. I will try to have teamwork opportunities as many as possible for the future.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.