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(( The writer Dale Carnegie's

"How To Win Friends and Influence People"))


If you do not know how to improve your social skills,

If you do not make sure what is real leadership,

Open the book and read it over carefully.

There is an answer.








          These three things are exactly what the writer Dale Carnegie wants to talk to his readers in his book "How to Win Friends and Influence People." It sounds very stale. Most people know that they have to respect, understand, and motivate others to move their minds. Then, what makes Carnegie's book special? He stresses that even though these are very basic techniques, these three are the fact. He shows many real stories that show how his opinion is right. Even though many people know that they need to respect, understand, and motivate, they do not know how to apply in real life. Carnegie focuses on this point. He tries to write real stories as many as possible and explain in an interesting way.

          The book has four main parts, and each part explains how to be a leader. There are so many useful techniques to build good relationships with followers. Carnegie specially stresses being honest, smiling, and listening to others carefully. He says that people are able to build a good relationship with others by doing that. For successful relationships, people should try to give positive experiences to others.  In addition, according to him, leaders should try to change their followers ways of thinking and behavior. Even though it is a really hard work to achieve, leaders are able to do it by encouraging followers, modeling the way to go, and showing respect.

          Through the book, Carnegie wants to underscore the importance of those basic social skills to be a good leader. Readers might be able to have chances to think about these lessons and their future roles.




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