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As a final assignment, all of our class mates got an opportunity to present about leader opganizations. I used my opportunity to present the Samsung Group. I especially more focused on Samsung Electronics.


(Samsung's Five Values)



(Samsung's Goal)



Basically, there are five qualities which make Samsung as a leader in the society. 



Modeling the way is a definitely required quality for leaders, and Samsung is really great at it. During the Korean War, korea economy was collapsed, so as a reasult, almost every company was collapsed as well. At that time, most of failed companies gave up to rebuild their businesses because they were afraid challenges. However, Samsung tried to find another business area to go, and decided to enter the industrial business which delt with fabrics and sugar. Few years ago, their businesses were expanded, so finally Samsung Electronics were established in 1969. Samsung did not afraid to challenge. Thus, their brave behavior could be a role model to other companies as well.


As a successful company especially in electronics market, creativity is the most obvious factor which makes Samsung as a leader group. The Samsung Electronics are constantly seeking other opportunities.

 Those two products are unique products of Samsung Electronics. The first one is a 3mm television, and the second one is a 3D LED monitor. We can easily see Samsung Electronics' creativity from these two examples.  




When the concept globalization was introduced in the 1970s', not many companies recognized the importance of globalization in Korea. Most companies were focusing on domestic competition. However, Samsung was trying to look at the other side. They knew about globalization, and believed that they needed to be prepared for that. Thus, Samsung started to build plants in other countries and recruted employees who have various backgrounds. In addition, Samsung constantly tried to improve their technologies for competition in the global market. They also did not hesitate to reorganize thier organization if they needed. They thought that changing was required for the new coming circumstance. No company tried to look at the future like Samsung. As a result, we are able to learn Samsung's forward-looking attitude.


Samsung's decision making process has been changing recently.

In the past, most companies' decision making processes were a 'top-down' system (few decision makers make decisions and command employees to follow the decisions.) However, Samsung tried to change the 'top-down' system to 'bottom-top' system by reorganizing. Bottom-top system refers to the system that decision makers are making dicisions based on their employees' ideas and concerns. Samsung's key leaders are trying to distribute their power to employees, which helps organization's communication and better results.


 Samsung group was not able to succeed without employees' passions. Samsung knows the importance of motivation, so tried to make many ways to encourage their employees.

Here is a representative example.

It is the Samsung's "hompany" strategy. They encourage their employees by providing comfortable and fun working environment.


Samsung can fully motivate their empolyees through those diverse activities.



The Samsung is a definitely example of positive leadership. Firstly their goal and values are simple and clear. Samsung made a possible goal, not an impossible goal. It is a really important point because if any organization sets too huge and high goals to achieve, the organization may do not know where they should go or why they are working for. However, Samsung established a possible goal to achieve, and the goal clearly shows the ways to go. As they mentioned, they are creating products and services for a better global society by talent and technologies. Their values also obviously suggest ways to go. Their five values are able to be a guideline for every business behavior. Although Samsung confronts difficulties, they do not need to worry about it since they have values to follow. Their simple goal and values are playing a key role to make Samsung as a leader. I always believe that the very basics are the most important things. As one of leaders, I am able to learn the importance of goals and values once again. I should keep the importance in mind as a leader.

In addition, there are so many things to learn from Samsung. As I said earlier, there are five things to learn from Samsung. These five qualities definitely make Samsung as a positive example of leader organization. Samsung does not know how to afraid. In any challenging situations, they are constantly trying to find ways to survive. In my case, I am usually in panic when I face unexpected situations. I do not know what I have to do and feel nervous. Thus, I should learn from Samsung’s calm attitude toward unexpected situations. I was also able to learn about Samsung’s sharp eyes that read society’s flow. Samsung comprehended the importance of globalization and prepared them for the future. This ability would be made based on understanding current situations. People should have critical thinking for understanding and analyzing current situations. I absolutely need to improve my critical thinking ability for the future. It may help me to predict the future, so helps me make right decisions as a leader.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.