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"The leadership is that people who have a clear goal to achieve make others have an enthusiasm to achieve the goal by showing their enthusiasm." 


Lee, Eun-Jin   





Reflection After Made My Leadership Definition 


When I found this assignment, it was looked quite simple to answer.

However, when I tried to say the definition of leadership, I couldn't say anything because there were lots of things to say.

Instead, it had to be clear and simple as a definition.


Thus, I just prepared one small piece of paper and wrote every idea about leadership in my head. Soon, there were many words on the paper such as motivation, honesty, enthusiasm, creativity, understanding, flexibility and so on.

Then, I tried to think some specific leaders like Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, and Jack Welch and thought the reason why they are considered as one of the greatest leaders all over the world. Also I focused on what is different between these leaders and Hitler or Kim Jung-il because Hitler and Kim Jung-il also had a clear goal and gathered people to achieve it, but people don’t say that they are a great leader.


 Through this process, I could develop my own definition of leadership.

I thought that leaders must have a clear goal and it should be available to achieve. Also leaders need to gather people to achieve their goal, and they will do it by touching them deeply with their enthusiasm.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.