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 Five Facts About Me


1. I am a born and raised Long Islander. I Grew up in Oakdale, New York and have lived in Blue Point, New York where I currently reside for 15 years.


2. I am a computer nerd at heart. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated with computers, video games, cell phones, or anything electrical.


3. I am a Junior at Stony Brook University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Science as a Computer Science major. I previously attended Dowling College and Suffolk County Community College while pcompleting my Associates Degree in Science before transferring to Stony Brook.


4. I am an afternoon manager at Friendly Bagel Cafe in Bayport, NY where I have worked full-time for over 3 years. From making bagels, to closing the store, I do it all.


5. If I'm not working or at school, you can find me working on my car. It's not your usual Volkswagen. Her name is Vera and I have poured endless amounts of money into making her what she is today. She is my baby.

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