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Google Docs - Cyber Security & Ethics - T. Zahor & L. Foley, A Google Docs web page with links to Cyber Security.  Among the resources included are:  The National Cyber Security Alliance, FBI Publications, sites for K-12 and college.  


Poll Everywhere - an online poll that asks the question, "Which technology do you find most beneficial for your professional research?"


Multi-tasking - Lead Article Presentation on the impact of multi-tasking on meaningful learning - T. Zahor & L. Foley

Article - "Multitasking: the Uncertain Impact of Technology on Knowledge Workers and Managers"


Pageflakes - Emerging Technology: Video Streaming, Youtube, TeacherTube


Blogger.com - My Blog  Cyber Safety for Students - As a teacher what instructions do you give students to advise them about Cyber Safety when using sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter?


Web 2.0 Technology Tool - Podomatic view the Lesson Plan


Screencast created with Screencast-o-matic.com. View my video about the Web 2.0 tool Podomatic on Youtube 


 Reviews - Websites of the Week  

 VoiceThread          OfficeLive       GoogleWave    CuePrompter  Virtual Fieldtrips


Chapter Reviews

 1, 2, and 3                    4 and 5               6 and 7                8 and 9


Articles - responses

Wired     Netlingo   Is Google Making Us Stupid





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.