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Christmas is every 6 year old American child’s favorite holiday. But, what’s my favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is Holi.


Holi is one of the most widespread holidays in India. When I was younger, I had no idea why this holiday was celebrated. All I knew was that everyone was so happy and that’s why it is my favorite.


So I decided to do  some research on my favorite holiday and found out some very interesting things. There is a story behind Holi.


Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil, symbolised in the story of a young boy who overcame evil and tyranny, by his faith in Vishnu who is one of the Hindu gods.

Depending on what part of India you are from, the celebration differs slightly. I’m from Hyderabad, a south Indian city. The festivities and colour starts appearing at least a day before the actual holiday.


It marks the beginning of summer. It also celebrates the end of the cold and hardship, and the successful harvest of the winter crop.Holi is celebrated all over India with colour, music, dance and bonfires.


Women, especially, enjoy the freedom of the relaxed rules and sometimes even join in the celebration rather aggressively.

My mother being one of the most serious people I know even lives up to this. This holiday allows everyone, regardless of their gender to embrace happiness and prosperity. It lets everybody be true to themselves. THAT’S RIGHT. No rules. This is the one day that I get to embrace my true colors even if it is only once a year.

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I chose to use iMovie for my digital story. I used it for all the components of the story: video, voiceover and music. Making of this digital story helped me in acquiring knowledge about a new software. I used to be a PC user before so I was very familiar with the way that PhotoStory3 worked. It was interesting to see the differences in the two softwares that were trying to make the same final product.


          There were times that I thought of borrowing my roommates laptop just so I could use PhotoStory3. I was really impatient with all the tools of iMovie. The hardest part was having to put in extra time to learn all the funcitons of the basic formatting tools. It was also really hard for me to find pictures of Holi because I'm from New Jersey and all my photographs at home. I was able to have my sister scan me a few of them so it wasn't a problem. The pictures and music enhance the story that is conveyed by the voiceover. It really brings out the excitement of the holiday.

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