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Job Title: Full-Time Lecturer


Phone: (631) 632-4210


E-mail: wilbur.farley@stonybrook.edu


Office Location: H-2099


Education: B.A Loyola University of Chicago (English Literature). ; M.A. Boston College (English Literature)


Courses Taught:WRT 101,WRT 102, WRT 103, WRT 302, AIM 102, AIM 104, EGL 192, EGL 204, GLS 102


Professional Interests: Composition and Rhetoric; Popular Culture; Film; Early Modern and Victorian literature; Technology in the Writing Classroom; Creative Writing.



  • Editor, Rio: A Journal of the Arts
  • "'The disease resumes its march to darkness': The Death of Captain Marvel and the Metastasis of Empire." The International Journal of Comic Art, 2006.
  • "November"; "[untitled]"; and "August (Sketch Two)." Muse Apprentice Guild.
  • "Waking Up at Noon"; "July"; and "[wait watchers]." Muse Apprentice Guild.
  • "Contents." Meanie, 1998.
  • "Sisters (Three Different Ones)"; "Manhattan Skyline." Hermes' Crossing, 1997.
  • various reviews at amazon.com
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.