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10/7/13  Updated For WRT Instructors with links for requesting Computer Classrooms and Chromebook Carts.


10/8/13 Added page How to Design an Effective Portfolio in For Student Writers.


 10/13/13  Added Deepa Nair's digital story to DS Links and Examples.  Added Online Journals and Websites for Teachers under For WRT Instructors.


10/13/13  Added page Why Digital Storytelling?  to section Digital Storytelling.


11/9/13  Updated Welcome page to include NCTE definition of 21st-century literacies.

Added WID/WAC Resources section.  Added  International & NNS Students section.


 11/19/13  Added Helping International Students Succeed Part 1 in International & NNS Students.


12/19/13  Many many updates including the Index, Color Themes under Models and Examples, and the Video Tutorial page in For Students.


6/6/14 Updated Apps and Utilities, Why Multimodal Composition?











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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.