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Assignments Overview



  • Mini-essays: 10 points (5 each).  Mini-essays are short (1 1/2 to 2 pages), analytical and/or reflective, but often personal takes on topics covered in the course materials. 3 points is for the initial post and the rest comes from comments. The remainder of the points comes from three substantial comments per piece of writing commented upon or a comparable combination of more and less developed comments. Since they do not receive letter grades, mini essays will not be regraded after revision, but revision is encouraged, as they will be visible within ePortfolios. Mini essays are meant to generate ideas for the other essays and digital story. The recommended length for mini-essays is approximately two typed, double-spaced pages or 500 words. Mini-essay 1  Mini-essay 2

  • Application essay: 10 points. This is a real-world draft of a short essay you may direct toward an educational or professional goal, such as medical school, graduate school, an internship, a grant proposal.

  • Final project proposal: 10 points. The proposal is an integral part of the final project, and is a planning and brainstorming tool for the student. 

  • Final project: 45 points. This is the major assignment of the semester. 
  • Peer and self-reviews for essay drafts and proposals: 15 points. These will generally be done directly on the drafts in Google Docs. The links to guidelines and prompts are available in the Course Calendar. If some are completed and others not, these points will reflect what is done.
  • Final Portfolio presntation (design and accessibility): 10 pointsThe entire ePortfolio is considered an integral part of the final project. Mini essays, proposals, and the final project (including written and multimodal content), as well as reflections on all of these components, arranged and presented in an accessible and compelling manner, contribute to the presentation grade.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.