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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



1. Revisions


You can revise your paper for a higher grade as long as it is done before the last week. You cannot get a lower grade on a revision. 


  • I allow for regrades on revisions of essays, but keep in mind: You must REQUEST a regrade, so that if you revise for the portfolio (most people should and do), if you want the grade reconsidered, you must inform me of this in writing. Also keep in mind the tight time frame of summer--it is always important to do your best work throughout the course, because "slacking off" in the early weeks thinking you can bear down and  "make it up" later through late revision is never a good idea, but it's an especially delusional one during a compressed semester. It just doesn't work out for the great majority of students. It's also worth noting that the second and third major essays are more challenging than the personal narrative for most students, and that more time is usually needed to revise these two essays to receive a good grade.


2. How to make a comment on a Google Doc.

See this tutorial.


3. Do I need to make a new portfolio if I already have one?

No. If you took this class earlier or made an eportfolio for WRT 101 or 102, you do not need to make a new portfolio. You may also use a different platform like Wordpress for your portfolio, as long as it can be shared with the class by URL.


 4.  Who grades me?

Your instructor grades you for the work and the course. For upper-division WRT classes, no additional vetting is needed by another instructor. 


5. How do I submit my essays?

Essays should be linked to your ePortfolio, and the essays themselves should be composed in Google Docs (starting with the first draft). If you prefer, you can type the essay in Word or another word processing program and convert it in the Google Docs app. The settings of the Google Doc should be ANYONE WITH THE LINK/CAN COMMENT. Peer review and teacher comments will be done directly on the Google document of your essay. If you do these steps, and revise directly on the Google document of the essay, you don't need to submit your essay anywhere else. 


6. Why do you ask students not to make grammar corrections on other students' papers?

I ask you to follow the peer review guidelines I have provided you and not to make grammatical corrections during reviews of early drafts.. The guidelines are formulated to help with idea generation and organization before issues like word choice and punctuation. First of all, you are usually looking at first drafts. Research shows that it is not helpful for writers to have their grammar corrected on early drafts. It is better to help them formulate their ideas more effectively.  If you can't understand something, ask the writer to better express it--but leave the actual structure of the sentence up to the writer. In later stages of the essay, I will make suggestions about some of these issues if needed. If students want to help each other with punctuation and wordsmithing, you can work together on proofreading each other's papers before the final draft is due.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.