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How to Succeed in an Online Course


By the first day of classes, you should:


  • Read all the material posted in this ePortfolio and linked/associated material about policies.  Be very curious about all the contents of this course eportfolio. Read everything!

  • Prepare to participate in class discussions frequently during each week and to spend a substantial, focused amount of time reading other posts and responding. Remember that you'll need to adjust the length and intensity of your posts to fit the tone and needs of the discussion.  Some will be longer and more thought out, but there is nothing wrong with shorter posts to move along the discussion.  Sometimes those are absolutely essential!  Ask questions--and answer other people's questions!  No need to wait for me. (In this section, most of our discussion is done on Google Docs rather than in Discussion Board.)

  • Review the Class Calendar to prepare your personal timetable.

  • Take note of the tuition refund and liability information found on this page (below).

  • Purchase your books and supplies, either through the StonyBrook bookstore or through Amazon (especially if you prefer an online version of the textbook). Note: There is no need to purchase a textbook for this class.

  • Post your Personal Information and Update Privacy Options, including posting your email address for your instructor, in Blackboard.

  • Create your ePortfolio and familiarize yourself with Documents in Google Drive.

  • Click on links.  If something is linked, it will probably be useful or interesting to you.

  • What Makes a Successful Online Learner:  useful tips


If this were a face to face class, we would be meeting for 4 hours per day 2 days per week (due to the condensed nature of summer classes). This is the amount of time that you should be putting into your online participation to achieve success and a good grade.  Additional time will need to be spent reading or viewing texts and content for discussion and planning and creating the final project.


Writing Center


The Writing Center is located in on the West Campus in Humanities 2007, open Monday to Friday. The Writing Center Director is Dr. Jennifer Albanese. Use this online form to make face to face and online appointments.  Also call 631-632-7405 or drop by for an appointment (up to two weeks in advance). Drop-in sessions (if a tutor is available) or standing appointments are also available. Tutors do not proofread or copy-edit your work.


Access to Blackboard, Google Docs, and Digication:


You can access additional class information, including grades, online at: http://blackboard.stonybrook.edu/. Your Blackboard username is your NET ID (which can be obtained from your SOLAR homepage) and your original password is your SOLAR student ID number.


For help or more information see: http://it.stonybrook.edu/services/blackboard.  For problems logging in, go to the helpdesk in the Main Library SINC Site or the Union SINC Site. You can also call: 631-632-9602 or email: helpme@ic.sunysb.edu.


Log into your Digication account with your Net ID and password. More information on ePortfolios can be found in the Digication help center, on the Program in Writing and Rhetoric site, and in Stony Brook’s Faculty Center ePortfolio help ePortfolio.

To get more information about your university email and other Google applications, including Google Docs, go hereLog into your Google Apps with your Net ID and password.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.