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All deadlines are shown in Eastern Standard Time


MODULE 2A  June 3-June 6


COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT Mini-essay 1: Haunted place. Post the link in the Discussion Board forum for the assignment by midnight, MONDAY, JUNE 4. Use Anyone With the Link Can COMMENT SHARE SETTING.

(Update: Please wait until Monday June 4 at midnight EST to start peer reviews in order to give your classmates time to post their mini-essay first.)


Read one essay posted above yours and one below yours. Using these peer review discussion prompts, complete peer review of these two essays by inserting Comments directly onto the Google Docs of these essay. Complete this by midnight, WEDNESDAY JUNE 6. Then read and respond to the comments made by your peers and by me directly on the document, using Reply.


MODULE 2B  June 7-12


 Read  How It Feels to Be Colored Me*” (Zora Neale Hurston) 114-117; and “Looking for Zora” (Alice Walker) 395-411. Participate in the discussion on Discussion Board.


Complete mini-essay 2  on “freeing spirits” through place and post the link in Discussion Board by midnight on SUNDAY, JUNE 10. Follow the same format for peer review as the first mini-essay assignment, completing the peer review by midnight on TUESDAY, JUNE 12.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.