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 All deadlines are shown in Eastern Standard Time. 


MODULE 3A June 13-17


Read over the assignment for the Final Project and start planning your final essay. Please note that there are two options for the Final Project. 


One is a long essay of 7 to 10 pages or 1750-2500 words (traditional personal narrative/memoir) which will be presented in your eportfolio. You may take the types of essays that you read in the textbook as a model for this approach. 


The second is a digital narrative and a reflection paper that complements the digital narrative. This reflection paper should be in part a metacommentary on the process of creating the digital story. There are specific separate suggestive prompts for the reflection paper.  Digital narratives are typically short videos (3 to 7 minutes suggested) that combine a story with voiceover, video clips, and still photos and/or illustrations. 


You may use the mini-essays as rough drafts or plans for either of these, and may reuse text from the mini-essays in your long essay as a partial draft if you wish. 


The final project will be presented in your eportfolio by the end of the semester. See examples: Michelle Jiang eportfolio. 


By midnight Thursday June 14, post a proposal for your final project in Discussion Board, using these assignment guidelines. You may also wish to submit a storyboard or plan/script if you are going to do a digital narrative. The Gallery module can be used to create a storyboard with images. 


Peer review: Respond to the proposal post above and below yours, using these peer review prompts, by Saturday, June 16 at midnight. 


 MODULE 3B June 17-20


Read the following handout on application essays and these sample application

essays by noon on Monday, June 18.  Click here to download a pdf of four professional essay samples from the John A. Dutton E-Institute at Penn State University. Participate in an online discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of these essays in Discussion Board by Tuesday, June 19, midnight.


Write a draft of a short application statement for professional school (ie law, pharmacy, journalism etc.), medical school, graduate school, or, if that's too far off for you right now, an internship or study abroad program that interests you. I want you to find a website for an actual opportunity that interests you, check out their requirements for application essays if possible, and write a one to two-page statement, using the samples as possible models if you prefer. The professional statement will not receive a letter grade, but it will receive feedback from me. Post the professional statement or application essay by midnight on Wednesday, June 20 in Discussion Board. Students are encouraged to offer feedback on these directly on the document, and can receive up to 2 points of extra credit for doing so.


If you don't have any future programs planned or in mind, you can review the Stony Brook Graduate College website and bulletin and play along. Who knows, you might find something that interests you along the way. http://grad.stonybrook.edu/admissions/index.php




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.