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All deadlines are shown in Eastern Standard Time. 



MODULE 4A June 21-29

Draft 1 of the final project essay is due June 25 at midnight in Discussion Board. 


If you took the long essay option, post 1) a complete draft or 2) at least 75 percent of a draft and notes on your plans.


If you took the digital narrative option, post plans, reflections on the process so far, and a script and images as available. If you have a video or video clips to share, you can share them as well by directly embedding them into Digication or linking them, Unlisted, fro YouTube or Vimeo. 


A coherent idea of the project's direction at this point is more essential than a finished draft. By the second draft, you should have a complete draft or script with a storyboard and more focused plans. 


Link all the important components in Discussion Board for peer review using these guidelines.


Read the post ABOVE and BELOW yours and comment on them using the Peer Review guidelines by midnight on June 28.


Revise your essay based on these comments and your own discretion by midnight on June 29. Post thisi in the Discussion Board forum for Final Project Draft 2. You will receive 3 extra credit points for getting this posted at least 24 hours early. 




MODULE 4B June 29-July 2


As soon as I start getting Draft 2 from people, I will begin to comment on them, directly on the Google document, with specific suggestions for the final revision. These should all be completed by me by noon on July 1 shooting for midnight on July 2. I will email the class through Announcements when they are all ready for a final revision. The final revision should be posted in a new Discussion Board forum called Final Project--Revision for Grade.












DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.