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What is an ePortfolio?

This section applies to the Digication ePortfolio platform. In this course, you may use either Digication or SBYou.


The Writing & Rhetoric Program's ePortfolio provides a digital learning record to showcase students' achievement.  Like the traditional portfolios that Stony Brook University spearheaded in the past, ePortfolios help students reflect on their own learning and gives them an opportunity to reflect on the needs of their audience, a skill that will be needed in their professional lives.


The ePortfolio you will construct for this class will consist of your essays entered into Google Docs linked to a kind of scholarly Facebook known as Digication.com or SBYou. 


Writing ePortfolio Showcase

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 ePortfolio Help


You have many options as to how you might make your ePortfolio more interesting and personal. You can change the colors, the banner, your personal icon, and much more.


Click on any of the links at the left for ePortfolio guides, videos, and walkthroughs.

Click on "ePortfolios" at the very top of your screen to browse the directory.

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